At Veridt, We Enable Identity and Access Management Solutions.

We stand by our partners to meet our customer’s needs, requirements and requests in providing state of the art solutions, reliable products, and constant innovation.

Stealth Design

Stealth core architecture enables innovative design options and solutions from fixed to wireless to mobile solutions and more | Traditional approaches to Access control with options the meet your every requirement to Trusted PACS high assurance solutions for the Government and Military | And Biometrics for cardholders and Visitors.

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• Veridt Biometric reader platforms are the smallest footprint, fully functional devices available anywhere
• Fully sealed for outdoor operation to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit without the need for power hungry heaters complicating installations

• Wireless mobile units configured with Biometrics for gate operations and mobile security 
• Need real security for your Visitor’s Pass Solution? Check out Veridt’s Bio-Guest Pass a simple to implement visitor card with Biometrics.

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Trusted PACS

Veridt’s readers enable the most comprehensive set of Trusted PACS solutions with from choice of access control systems to certificate validation software that best fits your requirements
• With Veridt you are NOT locked-in to one option
• Veridt enables the “Best-of –the Best”
• Enabling FIPS 201 FICAM solutions for both 13.01 and 13.02 Topologies.

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Mobile Security for Mission Critical Situations

26Have a mission critical need and immediate implementation timeline for Physical Access Control?  Then, you need MPACS. 

MPACS is a completely self-contained Physical Access Control System for rapid deployment in emergencies, disaster recovery and other mission critical situations where securing an area must be accomplished swiftly, with minimal effort, and with confidence in a secure outcome.

The system is self-contained in rugged Pelican cases for immediate deployment into harsh environments. The unit requires only standard AC power and internet access to ”Go-Live”. No cable connections between the door, gate or other perimeter location to be secured are required. Communication between a central access control stations is achieved wirelessly using 2.4 GHZ point to point communications. And, securing the door requires NO existing infrastructure beyond AC power.


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MobileGate™ – Security Access Untethered

MgateDrop MobileGate™ Wireless Handheld Readers for physical access control are ideal for gate operations, other manned access control points and is a direct replacement for wired fixed or tethered readers. Communications to the PACS panel is accomplished using 2.4 GHz point to point communications. 

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