MultiMode™ Stealth Series

Stealth Series offers all of the functionality and capability of MultiMode™ design architecture including multiple communications options, secure communications for high assurance, multi-authentication modes in an IP 65 rated compact housing. The readers can be configured to operate a preset mode for 1, 2 or 3 factor authentication or with the reader service; the authentication mode can be dynamically selectable.

Stealth Series is now available in five configurations: a fully featured biometric model, two non-biometric models configured with either contactless only card interface or dual card interface (contactless plus contact) and now Stealth Lite versions without keypad.

Each model can be configured to operate a single continuous authentication mode such as card only or card plus PIN.  The Veridt reader service enables selectable authentication modes indicated below.  When operating in high assurance mode, additional features are active (see system requirements)


MultiMode™ Stealth Series

  Stealth Bio
Stealth Dual
Stealth Lite (Dual)
Stealth Lite
 Biometrics  Fingerprint        
Card ReadInterface  Dual  Dual  Dual  Contactless  Contactless
 PIN Entry  Keypad  Keypad  No  Keypad  No
StatusIndicators  Yes + Access Light Bar  Yes + Access Light Bar  Access Light Bar  Yes + Access Light Bar  Access Light Bar
 Footprint  7 x 3 inches  5.5 x 3 inches  5.5 x 3 inches  5.5 x 3 inches  5.5 x 3 inches


Reader Authentication Modes    Card Only  Card + PIN  CARD + Bio  Card + PIN + Bio  TWIC Modes (CAK)  PIV Modes (CAK) PIV Modes (PKI)
Communications Interface                
 Wiegand Only (select one mode only)  X  X  X X      
 Wiegand + RS-485 •Control
•Authentication Modes
•Veridt Reader Service
 X X  X  X      
 Veridt / EWAC •Control
•Authentication Modes
•Veridt Reader Service
 X  X  X  X  X  X  X
 HID / PAM •Control
•Authentication Modes
•Binary Reader Service
 X  X  X  X  X  X X

MultiMode™ Stealth Series™ Specifications

Model Name Stealth Bio Stealth Dual Stealth Lite
Stealth Stealth Lite
Part Number 900W2030 900W2036 900W2037 900W2026 900W2027
Configuration MultiMode™ Stealth Design Architecture
Biometric  Fingerprint  No   No   No   No
 Keypad Illuminated with tactile feedback  No  Illuminated with tactile feedback  No
 Status Indicators LED & Light Bar  Light Bar  LED & Light Bar  Light Bar
 Card Read Interface Dual: Contactless & Contact Contactless
 Transmit Frequency & Standards      ISO 14443 (13.56 MHz contactless with Optimized RF Tuning) & ISO 7816 (Contact)
 Communications Interface      Wiegand & RS-485 with Secure Protocols
 Credentials  MIFARE/DESFire, DESFire EV1
CAC (all versions in circulation including non-PIV formatted credentials), PIV, PIV-I, CIV (PIV-C)
Authentication Modes  Card Only, Card+PIN, Card+Bio, Card+PIN+Bio Card Only, Card+PIN  Card Only  Card Only, Card+PIN  Card Only
 High Assurance System Requirements  Veridt EWAC (900M2000) or HID PAM (M2000)
 Dimensions  18.0cm x 7.5cm x 4.0cm
7.1″ x 2.9″ x 1.5″
 14cm x 7.5cm x 4.0cm
5.5″ x 2.9″ x 1.5″
 Weight  454gm
 Mounting  Single Gang Size
 Color  Black
 Housing Material Polycarbonate Blend: meets all ISO, UL & IES requirements
 Power Requirements  12V at 400ma 12V at 300ma
 Operating Temperature  -40° to +158° F (-40° to +70° C)
 Operating Humidity  5% to 95% relative humidity
 Environmental  IP 65 rated
 Wiring Connection  Custom connector (no pigtail)
 Cabling  For Wiegand only six conductor; For RS-485 half duplex with Wiegand eight conductor; For RS-485 full duplex only eight conductor
 Certifications  GSA APL, UL 294, Fcc Certification (US), IC (Canada), CE (EU)
Warranty 18 months