Veridt products and solutions offer the most versatile hardware choices, the broadest array of communications options, the most complete set of functionality to enable access control solutions, for Government and Industry, and in Mission Critical Environments, from traditional PACS to trusted PACS, for FICAM and ICAM, Public and Private.

Veridt technology is a critical part of creating this multi-tiered approach to today’s and tomorrow’s mandated, mission critical security solutions.

All of the design, development & manufacture occur in Middleton, WI. Our suppliers are primarily located in Wisconsin. Veridt products are made in the USA.

Veridt is known for its innovation, response to market needs, and breadth of application.

Evolution of High Assurance Security: A Veridt Prospective

April 1999 to 2001: Veridt early work in biometrics

• Readers combining biometrics with 2D barcodes, memory cards, etc.

• Early work with CAC with DMDC.

• Innovating Customers: DeBeers (small, ruggedized devices)

• September 2001: Limited security features on card before 9/11.

January 2004: Florida Uniform Port Access Credential (FUPAC) mandated by State. Biometric based credential for seaports.

• Veridt participates at Port Canaveral. Program will be assimilated into TWIC.

August 2004: HSPD-12 issued by President GWB. Mandates agency-wide secure ID card (PIV) for logical and physical access.

March 2006: FIPS 201-1 issued. PIV card data model defined.

January 2007: TWIC initiative by TSA & Coast Guard regulated under MTSA. TWIC implementation rules issued. TWIC subset of PIV data model.

November 2007: TWIC issuance commences.

June 2008: PIV card issuers guidelines defined.

November 2008: SP800-116 issued. Guidelines for PIV in PACS.

April 2009: TWIC compliance deadline for seaports. TWIC operational at the ports.

February 2010: Demonstration of SP800-116 (high assurance). GSA sponsored pilot with Veridt, Core street & Certipath.

September 2010: Initial rollout of high assurance solution with USARC.

March 2011: FIPS 201-2 Issued. Release 2 of FIPS 201.

November 2011: OMB M-11-11. Deadline to file implementation plans for high assurance solution (FICAM).

July 2010: FIPS 201-2 Final Released; enhances security requirements from previous version.

August 2012: First high assurance solution with Trusted PACS certified designation from Certipath: Tyco Security Products: (Software House PACS, Codebench PIVCheck, Veridt readers).

• Only system in full compliance. Only Biometric Reader approved.

Ongoing 2013: Rigorous testing at pilot project using high assurance solution with Veridt Readers at Federal Reserve. (Bio & PKI).

June 2013: GSA commences testing program for FICAM (Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management). Certified and approved solutions for Government Implementation.

October 2013: GSA APL posts first FICAM systems approved

December 2013: GSA APL FICAM systems in test

Early 2014 to present day: GSA APL FICAM testing continues.