COVID-19 Statement: Veridt added to Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce

Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic     

As we are part of providing infrastructure security, Veridt continues to provide product and support to our stakeholders throughout government and the military. We are taking all necessary steps to insure we continue to operate uncompromised during this crisis.  As of March 19th, 2020, The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has identified our industry as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce during this pandemic. This means that Veridt has a responsibility and duty to continue business functions as we regularly would.

For more information, click here to refer to CISA Guidelines.


Business Operations

Our mission is to continue the timely delivery of quality products and provide a high level of on-going customer support to our stakeholders. We are taking all appropriate measures to insure the Veridt team is there to accomplish the mission with minimum team members’ personal risk.  As part of those precautions, travel will be limited to emergency customer support only until further notice. We will be adopting other measures internally to minimize risk enabling us to provide that high level of support to you.


Global Supply Chain

The Veridt supply chain team is well prepared because of our risk-based management structure to help ensure business continuity throughout our supply chain. While we are not totally unaffected, our supply chain is well prepared to respond appropriately.  At this time, our lead times are not greatly affected. Additionally, we have taken appropriate measures to increase our inventory levels so that we can mitigate any short falls in parts availability that may occur in the near future. This is a dynamic situation. We will provide timely updates as conditions change.



We share the concern for the spread of the COVID-19 virus. If you have a Veridt Biometric Reader or Veridt GuestPass enrollment system and more than one person uses the same fingerprint reader, we recommend that you clean and disinfect the fingerprint sensor between users. 


We recommend any paper or microfiber tissue saturated with Isopropyl Alcohol; 70 % and 91 % alcohol strength are commonly available. Tissues or wipes containing at least 60% alcohol are effective in killing most viruses including COVID-19 (CDC website).  While other disinfectants or anti-microbial sprays or wipes may contain a statement regarding its effectiveness against COVID-19, depending on the ingredients, they may damage the fingerprint sensor.


Isopropyl alcohol is effective as a disinfectant and is sensor safe.


If you have Veridt Non-Bio Readers, you can also use any Plus 70% Isopropyl Alcohol wipes to clean surfaces of the reader.


Risk Mitigation & Mission Critical Operations

In cases where cleaning sensors between use is not practical, you may consider resetting the authentication mode to a non-fingerprint Biometric authentication mode such as “CARD ONLY”.  If you require assistance contact your PACS supplier.


Questions? Contact us at or call 608-833-1840

 Innovative Leading Edge Solutions


Veridt products and solutions offer the most versatile hardware choices, the broadest array of communications options, the most complete set of functionality to enable access control solutions, for Government and Industry, and in Mission Critical Environments, from traditional PACS to trusted PACS, for FICAM and ICAM, Public and Private.

Reader Hardware Platforms

A unified design architecture for all Readers | Fingerprint Biometric based and Non-Biometric platforms | functionality enabling traditional and trusted PACS solutions | Fixed, wireless and Mobile form factors…



Most compact design for full capability biometric platforms | highest “harsh environment” index available…

Mobile / Wireless

The most comprehensive array of communications choices from Wiegand to RS-485 to wireless (2.4GHz)  Zigbee protocols for fixed and mobile platforms…


Integrated Solutions

Enabling Identity and Access Management for PIV, TWIC and CAC based credentials…



A comprehensive array of Mounting Options and Environmental Enclosures for all installations…


Mission Critical

Custom Solutions for specialized PACS capabilities | CAC and PIV harvesting | Visitor pass programs with Bio and Non-Biometric capabilities…


Our History

In its 19th year of operation, Veridt has been providing innovative leading edge solutions for identity and access management.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products designed to meet the needs of ALL our stakeholders: partner, integrator, customer, cardholder.


Veridt’s continues to build a stronger broader spectrum of technology and channels partners to better serve the community.