Reader Hardware Platforms Stealth core architecture enables innovative design options and solutions from fixed to wireless to mobile solutions and more | Traditional approaches to Access control with options the meet your every requirement to Trusted PACS high assurance solutions for the Government and Military | And Biometrics for cardholders

Veridt Biometric reader platforms are the smallest footprint, fully functional devices available anywhere Fully sealed for outdoor operation to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit without the need for power hungry heaters complicating installations Wireless mobile units configured with Biometrics for gate operations and mobile security Visitor’s Pass Solution with Biometrics.

Wireless Handheld Platforms MobileGate™ Veridt designed Next Generation Wireless Technology Hardware based on Stealth Architecture 2.4 GHz Point to Point Wireless Based on Zigbee Communications Protocol MobileGate™ Wireless Communications based on Zigbee Zigbee is an IEEE 802.15.4-based specification for high-level communication protocols. Zigbee is the wireless language that everyday devices use

Integrated Solutions Stealth Series Readers Enabled FICAM Solutions   Configuration Type Comm’s Protocol Solution Status Stealth Series Readers Enabled FICAM Solutions Type 1 Type 1:connects to any PACS with EWAC secure module Stealth Series Readers Enabled FICAM Solutions Type 1 – Open PACS Stealth Series Readers Enabled FICAM Solutions Type

Heavy Weather Enclosures Heavy Weather Enclosure for Stealth Series Readers (fully encloses reader). Required for outdoor operation of Stealth Bio-Reader. Heavy Weather Visor for Stealth Series Readers (heavy duty version). Required for outdoor operation of Stealth Bio-Reader. Mounting Options Mullion Mount Adaptor for Stealth Series Readers Pedestal Mount for Stealth

Stealth Series Readers Enabling High Assurance Solutions for TWIC A single design architecture for Fixed and Wireless Platforms   Fixed Reader Platforms Stealth Bio for TWIC (900W2030) Extremely Compact Design: 7 X 3 inches IP 65 Rated for Extreme Environments; Operates to -40 degrees F Stealth Series Biometric Reader is

Our History

In its 18th year of operation, Veridt has been providing innovative leading edge solutions enabling identity and access management solutions.

We stand by our partners to meet our customer’s needs, requirements and requests in providing state of the art solutions, reliable products, and constant innovation.