Stealth Series Readers Enabling High Assurance Solutions for TWIC

A single design architecture for Fixed and Wireless Platforms


Fixed Reader Platforms

Stealth Bio for TWIC (900W2030)

  • Extremely Compact Design: 7 X 3 inches
  • IP 65 Rated for Extreme Environments; Operates to -40 degrees F
  • Stealth Series Biometric Reader is fully TWIC compliant and FIPS 201 approved (APL # 10031 & 10092).
  • Reader supports all TWIC Authentication Modes (Modes 1 through 4) and MARSEC Levels.
  • PIV Card Authentication Capabilities Using: TWIC Privacy Keys (TPK), PIV, CHUID, CAK.
  • TWIC Card Authentication
  • Signed CHUID Verification, Unsigned CHUID Verification
  • Active Card Authentication
  • CHUID + Biometric Verification
  • CHUID signing certificates + Active Card Authentication + Biometric Verification
  • FBI approved PIV certified fingerprint sensor.
  • FIPS 201 approved template generator and matcher.
  • Contact Smart Card Reader, ISO 7816 compliant
  • Contactless Smart Card Reader, ISO 14443 compliant
  • LED Status Indicators and Light Bar Indicator with Audible Alarm
  • Backlit keypad with 12 Keys
  • Anti-tamper, anti-theft switches, security screws

Enabling TWIC High-Assurance Authentication

  • The EWAC secure communications module includes three Enables path validation and certificate revocation checking using CRL, OCSP or SCVP.
  • Supports TWIC Authentication Modes 1 through 4 for Non-Bio and Biometric Authentication with or without Certificate Authentication.
  • For use with available Readers services: compatible with TI Entrypoint and HID PIVCheck readers service, authentication service and CRL software.